Enhance Your Holiday Season with Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies Can Help Your Company's Work Flow During the Holidays

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies Can Help Your Company’s Work Flow During the Holidays

The holiday season brings with it an array of emotions for business leaders. In some industries, like finance, December 31 is a strict deadline that implies late nights and too much stress in the preceding weeks. Similarly, in retail businesses, store owners and shoppers are going ballistic over all the sales action. For many lawyers, the month of December means holiday parties, vacation leave, and a quiet work environment, for better or worse. Whether you prefer enjoying the solitude catching up on past work or being out and about with family and friends, legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies can help keep your business moving at full speed during the holidays.

LPO service providers are third-party independent contractors hired by law firms on an as-needed basis to perform specific legal tasks. Some LPO companies are onshore (based in America), while others are offshore (based in Israel, India, or Sri Lanka, for example). The task involved determines the education and experience level of the individual who will do the actual work. For writing a legal blog on behalf of a medical malpractice lawyer, the outsourced employee must demonstrate sufficient subject matter expertise in that area. Deposition summaries may be completed by a lower-level associate while appellate briefs necessitate a more senior employee. Continue reading

Legal Services, Compliance, and Social Media

In the Social Media Era, One Bad Post Can Be a Disaster for Your Law Firm

In the Social Media Era, One Bad Post Can Be a Disaster for Your Law Firm

Remember last summer when six HSBC employees went out for a go-kart ride as a team building outing? Somewhere along the way, someone had the fantastic idea that they should dress up like terrorists and take a video of a mock beheading of their own Asian member in an orange jumpsuit. The brilliance (aka utter stupidity) of this plan did not come to fruition until someone posted that video on Twitter, and it went viral. Social media is an incredible mechanism for spreading brand awareness, improving your law firm’s reputation, and exponentially increasing your professional network. However, at the same time, one wrong tweet can become disastrous. Allow legal services, compliance, and social media to work together to enhance your law firm, not destroy it.

More law school graduates enter the workforce each year, and along with most of them come personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Here is a list of points to consider that will help ensure your law firm services continually meet legal compliance standards in light of social media usage. Continue reading

Contract Management Companies Help Keep Order After a Breach

Contract Management Companies Offer Better  Options than Storing Mountains of Contracts in Filing Cabinets

Contract Management Companies Are Better than Storing Mountains of Contracts in Filing Cabinets

Remember in your first year of law school when the contracts professor would lay out a perfectly sound contract, with valid consideration and all, and then two seconds later yell “breach! breach! breach!”? Then the remaining fifty-eight minutes of the class would be spent discussing the legal ramifications of such a situation, and you were left wondering, “Would anyone actually do this in real life?” Well, not everyone’s word is as strong as oak, which is unfortunate for humanity, but quite fortunate for many lawyers dealing with contract law. In the wake of a contract breach, the last thing an attorney needs to deal with is wasting time trying to track down previous versions while a contract management company provides just that service, and many more.

So exactly what services do contract management companies provide, and why should your law firm consider paying for them? Here is a partial list: Continue reading

Hiring a New Associate versus Outsourcing Legal Services

Decisions, Decisions: Hire a New Attorney or Outsource Legal Services?

Decisions, Decisions: Hire a New Attorney or Outsource Legal Services?

When the work is starting to pile up, law firms essentially have two choices: either hire a new associate or employ an independent contractor to cover the overload. While both options carry advantages and disadvantages, law firm managing partners must weigh the decision carefully to avoid wasted time, energy, and money. This article will evaluate various angles in determining which direction a law firm should choose.

  • Hiring a New Associate
    • As business leaders from all times and geographies can appreciate, hiring a new employee takes a substantial amount of time. Placing an advertisement, reviewing resumes, and holding interviews can eat up a significant amount of time an attorney must be away from his billable hours. If the right person is found, then it is worth the trouble, but often, new hires do not work out for one reason or another, and then the hiring manager is back to square one.
    • In addition to taking the time to bring on board a new associate, there is always a learning curve. Even if the new hires know the skills necessary to jump into capable legal work, they still need to figure out how to use the coffee machine and phone system, for example.
    • A final factor to be considered in hiring a new associate, is, of course, salary. From day one, the new hire is expecting to make a certain amount of money, whether calculated by billable hours or some other method. If this employee does not turn out to be a good fit for the firm or position, there may be a serious financial loss incurred on the firm’s part.

Continue reading

Blog Your Way to Success with Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

It's Simple: Legal Blogs Generate Business for Your Firm

Legal Blogs Generate Business for Your Firm

According to a recent report on abovethelaw.com, 80 percent of Am Law 200 law firms are using blogs for marketing purposes. However, instead of sticking the blogs right into the firm website, the decision makers opt to keep the blogging separate in an attempt to hide the subtle marketing attempts and merely including links to their websites. By keeping the blogs separate, there is a greater chance for a presence in Google News and also the blog material can become the “publication of record” in a specialized area of the law. Legal process outsourcing companies present law firms big and small with an affordable, efficient, and high quality blog-writing mechanism.

Apparently, the number of active blogs published by Am Law 200 law firms has multiplied by twelve in the last seven years. The abovethelaw.com article states the “number of firms publishing blogs has more than quadrupled in this same time frame to a total of 163 firms. Eighteen of the top twenty-five firms are blogging…. Attorneys from Am Law 200 firms now publish a total of 962 blogs, a 45 percent increase in the last two years.” The vast majority of these blogs (916 out of 962) are firm-branded blogs, which means the firm essentially owns the content, as opposed to the author individually. Continue reading

How Can Litigation Support Specialists Boost Your Law Practice?

Litigation Support Specialists Offer a Dramatic Boost to Your Law Firm

Litigation Support Specialists Offer a Dramatic Boost to Your Law Firm

Law courts in England are rolling out a trial program to attempt to speed things up in the kingdom’s courtrooms. October 2015 was the kickoff month for the two-year trial program introducing the Shorter Trial Scheme (STS) and the Flexible Trial Scheme (FTS). The underlying goal of these new programs is to save clients time and money by reaching a legal conclusion on the merits in a quicker and more flexible manner. If the STS and FTS are grand success stories in the Old Country, there is no reason why the United States should not follow suit. In the meantime, there are litigation support specialists available to help lawyers in America get to a judgment faster. Continue reading

Make Litigation Support Services Work for You

Litigation Support Services like eDiscovery Services Offer Substantial Cost Savings

Litigation Support Services like eDiscovery Services Offer Substantial Cost Savings

There is no shortage of litigation support services on the market. From eDiscovery software programs to virtual legal assistants, almost all law firms can find back-office litigation support services to suit their needs. The key to wisely choosing which litigation support services to employ, and when, may make the crucial difference to you and your clients. Not only can an efficient use of litigation support services save law firms time under strict deadlines, but there are also substantial cost savings propelling this aspect of the legal industry forward. Continue reading