Work Smarter with Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies Can Help You Work Smarter

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies Can Help You Work Smarter

Lawyers who have never worked with legal process outsourcing companies are often skeptical of their ability to deliver the promised high quality work at affordable rates. Some of the most common complaints about outsourcing companies is that the English level is not high enough, the productivity is not efficient enough, and the outcome is simply not good enough. On the other hand, lawyers who have worked with such entities, and who continue to do so, have learned that there is a way to work smarter with legal process outsourcing companies. An attorney should not send all types of work to be outsourced, but only the tasks which are most likely to be returned on time, on budget, and on par with excellence. Continue reading

It Pays to Get Paid Online for Your Legal Help

Online Payments Help Lawyers Get Paid Promptly

Online Payments Help Lawyers Get Paid Promptly

It is reported that nearly 40 percent of lawyers’ clients do not pay their bills on time. In some instances, the client refuses to pay the bill, both at the due date and at any future date. Other clients simply take their time, only sending in the final bill weeks, months, or even years after representation has ended. So how can law firms improve their payment track records? Setting up online payments for legal help has shown to make a difference.

Online legal payments are made directly from your law firm website, and the funds are automatically transferred into your bank account. The system is safe, secure, and instantaneous. Clients can pay with credit card, debit card, PayPal, or any other method you choose. You can even set up bank transfer information, if your client prefers. If you’re a traditionalist, you may be adverse to change and skeptically raise your eyebrows at the notion of online payments for legal services. Rest assured, you can continue to send out billing statements in snail mail and wait for the usual checks to be sent in a few weeks later. However, in addition to relying on the US postal service, you can simply include on your mailed billing statement the option for clients to pay their bills online conveniently on your firm website.

People enjoy paying bills online because: Continue reading

Use Legal Technology Services to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Technology Solutions can Help You Keep Your New Years' Resolutions

Technology Solutions can Help You Keep Your New Years’ Resolutions

Another new year has come and gone, and hopefully, you have made some realistic resolutions for improving your health, happiness, and success in 2016. Whether you work in BigLaw, SmallLaw, or somewhere in-between, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to long-term sustainability. While a “healthy work-life balance” looks different for everyone, legal technology services can actually help keep you on track, so, in a year from now, you can say you actually accomplished one of your new year’s resolutions. What a feat. Continue reading

What Can Contract Management Services Do for You?

Are Your Work Contracts UTD, Compliant and Precise?

Are Your Work Contracts UTD, Compliant and Precise?

Imagine a world where your work contracts are always up to date, compliant, and perfectly precise. Lawyers across the country, as well as professionals in every industry, deal with contracts on a regular and frequent basis. Contract management services exist to help businesspeople like lawyers maintain an organized and reliable system. So, what can a contract management services company do for you and your law firm?

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

From real estate purchases to inheritance taxes to divorce law issues, regulatory compliance pokes its head into virtually every area of the law. Your clients depend on you not only to reflect their wishes accurately in their contractual agreements, but also to ensure you are fully compliant with the most recent legislation and other pertinent legal updates. A contract management services company can analyze your contracts both during and after the drafting process is complete to highlight potential problem areas regarding regulatory compliance. Continue reading

Small Firm, Big Plans with Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services Can Help Small Law Firms Stay Small...and Grow Big at the Same Time

Litigation Support Services Can Help Small Law Firms Stay Small…and Grow Big at the Same Time

If you work in a small law firm, defined as employing any single digit number of attorneys, you probably enjoy the camaraderie, close quarters, and general coziness provided by such a setup. Most solo practitioners prefer to work alone and simply perform better when everything is under their direct control. BigLaw comes with a nice paycheck, but also with a price tag. Many small-firm lawyers favor the flexibility and slow(er?) pace provided by a boutique office as opposed to the stressful deadlines and cutthroat environment of BigLaw. With reliable litigation support services, any small law firm can make plans to go big, at its convenience. Continue reading

Where Emoticons and Legal Technology Solutions Collide

Emoticons are a Great Legal Technology Solution...Sometimes

Emoticons are a Great Legal Technology Solution…Sometimes

In Michigan, a US District Court judge ruled that a “:-P” emoji included in an SMS message did not materially alter the derogatory meaning of the text. In that case, a male university student was under investigation for harassing and stalking a female classmate. Allegedly, he had sent numerous SMS messages to her calling himself a “petty bastard,” hoping to make his classmate “feel crappy” and experience “deep dark pits of depression.” In his defense, he argued that since he had included smiley faces, his comments should not be taken seriously. Emoticons, or emojis, can be used to lighten up electronic conversations but should not be relied upon as a legal technology solution for conveying a specific meaning in any communication.

The first emoticon was created in 1982 by computer science professor Scott Fahlman at Carnegie Melon University. People using his department’s online discussion board were not quite getting the punch line when fellow colleagues cracked jokes. In response, Fahlman submitted this message: Continue reading

Attention Insurance Lawyers: Claims Management Services Help Lighten Your Load

Time is Money and Claims Management Services Can Help You Save Both

Time is Money and Claims Management Services Can Help You Save Both

Lawyers on both sides of the insurance law industry deal with managing claims as the bread and butter of their work. From initial claims through the final appeal, the paperwork may seem endless. Whether you work for an insurance company in house or you represent the injured plaintiffs, an effective claims management services company can help streamline your workflow, saving you time and money.

Claims management companies are equipped to handle all the back-end tasks involved in researching, processing, analyzing, and appealing insurance claims. Qualified professionals can produce research memos outlining all the important points to consider from a legal point of view, including short- and long-term financial ramifications for your client. On the defense side of the table, claims management service providers will look into the history of similar claims, analyzing the particular facts in your case and advising whether or not to deny the claim or appeal. On the plaintiff’s side, a claims management group can perform similar research and advise whether to pursue legal action considering the probabilities of an advantageous end result. Continue reading

Legal Technology Consulting Professionals Advise: Keep Work in Your Work Email!

Work Email Should Stay Work Email

Work Email Should Stay Work Email…Despite the Temptations of Technology

Lawyers, and all other business professionals, must make it a best practice to refrain from using personal email accounts for work-related communications. Even though it may be easier and quicker to send a quick note via SMS, LinkedIn, or gmail, legal technology consulting experts highlight the disadvantages in using these methods. 

More Prone to Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers around the world make a living, and a really good one, out of breaching your Internet security. Credit card information, private client data, and highly sensitive banking or medical records are subject to cybersecurity threats. If your law firm has a server and secured email provider, it is paying a premium for tighter Internet security. If your law firm is without such protection, legal technology consulting advisers urge you to put such a system in place immediately.  Continue reading

Human Rights Activists Win Legal Support against Solitary Confinement

Will SCOTUS provide legal support to the right-to-die movement?

Legal Support Helps Reduce Solitary Confinement in the Prison System

In a lengthy seventy-eight-page settlement agreement, New York State has agreed to loosen up the reigns of wardens and prison officers on the issue of solitary confinement. Over three years ago, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) brought a lawsuit against the state in an attempt to reform the frequency and duration of solitary confinement in prisons as punishments for bad behavior. Inmates could be subject to solitary confinement for twenty-three hours a day for years at a time. They experienced minimal human contact, no rehabilitative services, and beyond pathetic “meals.” The list of problems resulting from holding someone in solitary confinement seems endless, including mental instability, physical decay, and sometimes even suicide. The irony of the whole situation is that prisons are supposed to rehabilitate the prisoners, when in fact, numerous inmates end up much worse than they were on sentencing day. Continue reading