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It's Simple: Legal Blogs Generate Business for Your Firm

Legal Blogs Generate Business for Your Firm

According to a recent report on, 80 percent of Am Law 200 law firms are using blogs for marketing purposes. However, instead of sticking the blogs right into the firm website, the decision makers opt to keep the blogging separate in an attempt to hide the subtle marketing attempts and merely including links to their websites. By keeping the blogs separate, there is a greater chance for a presence in Google News and also the blog material can become the “publication of record” in a specialized area of the law. Legal process outsourcing companies present law firms big and small with an affordable, efficient, and high quality blog-writing mechanism.

Apparently, the number of active blogs published by Am Law 200 law firms has multiplied by twelve in the last seven years. The article states the “number of firms publishing blogs has more than quadrupled in this same time frame to a total of 163 firms. Eighteen of the top twenty-five firms are blogging…. Attorneys from Am Law 200 firms now publish a total of 962 blogs, a 45 percent increase in the last two years.” The vast majority of these blogs (916 out of 962) are firm-branded blogs, which means the firm essentially owns the content, as opposed to the author individually.

The most-visited Am Law 200 law firm blogs all share three points in common:

  • They are at least two years old, having established some audience of loyal readership.
  • They feature new posts at least weekly, and some, daily.
  • They each focus on a specific niche area of the law, as opposed to bouncing around from one topic to the next.

So let’s say a small to medium-sized law firm wishes to follow in the footsteps of brother BigLaw. The good news is that blogs are free to host and easy to manage, even for the most technologically challenged old timer. The bad news is that finding a high-quality writer who can produce consistent, informative, and enjoyable content may not be so simple. Enter: legal process outsourcing companies.

Legal process outsourcing companies wear many hats and they boast their abilities to perform all legal tasks ranging from drafting appellate briefs to law firm web design and document review. Some legal process outsourcing companies employ only American-licensed attorneys, which is obviously the best bet for achieving the academic-level writing needed for a serious law blog. So if you think you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of legal blogging, try to find a niche in the market and a writer or two who can deliver content on-point and on time.

After receiving his Juris Doctor degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Mr. Brochin served as an Administrative Law Judge with the Illinois Department of Labor for six years. Following that position, he was a solo practitioner in the fields of Real Estate Law and Commercial Contracts Transactions for twenty years. In 2003, he was recruited to head an outsource title research company in Israel, and since 2007, he has engaged in litigation support for several high profile cases. He has taught Business Law as a faculty member of the Jerusalem College of Technology, and for the past three years, he has authored a wide variety of legal White Papers and timely legal articles as a professional legal content writer.

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