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Contract and Obligation Management
Information Management

GreenPoint has an extensive track record of successful technology engagements in several industries that have facilitated the creation of a legal and compliance suite of information management services that streamline and reduce costs in critical areas of your legal and compliance functions. GreenPoint has developed specific offerings to automate and streamline activity in the following areas:

  • Contract and obligation management
  • Content and legal compliance services
  • Regulatory records management
  • Legal publishing workflow automation
  • Regulatory tracking for financial services industry
Contract and Obligation Management

GreenPoint’s comprehensive approach to contract management integrates seamlessly into your organization’s workflow. Using the latest developments in information technology, our team guarantees that your data is secure, searchable, and readily accessible. ... Read More

Our strategy takes out the guesswork and establishes trust in the contract-management process. A strong legal software framework combined with a team of hand-selected experts virtually eliminates system and process failures and enhances your overall time management and cost efficiency.

GreenPoint’s optimized contract management strategy provides:

  • Clear visibility into the universe of existing contracts
  • Comprehensive summaries of terms and provisions
  • Search capabilities within existing documents

Our state-of-the-art software allows our team to compile, review, and edit customized summaries in a fraction of the time it takes outside counsel or in-house staff. The results are tangible and measurable, with significant cost savings, less waste, reduced risk, better quality, and higher performance output.

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Contract Management and Document Review – Diligence Engine

GreenPoint Law & Compliance has partnered with Diligence Engine to deliver a unique method for a document capture, review-mapping platform–a customized service that combines legal expertise with state-of-the-art technology to efficiently and cost-effectively perform document review. ... Read More

Clients provide a number of different criteria by which to search and filter, and GreenPoint’s team of skilled attorneys uses contract-management software to review documents. Once filters and search terms have been designated, the software presents relevant information, from which the attorneys systematically cull and review pertinent material, increasing speed and improving results without sacrificing accuracy.

GreenPoint’s legal team refines and summarizes the results in an easy-to-understand format. This synchronized and user-friendly service provides a simplified system that benefits the client with faster turnaround, accurate results, and fewer hours billed. Further, throughout the process, clients can access their documents as needed with complete assurance of the safety of their information. When document review has been completed, clients receive summary charts and highlighted annotated versions of original documents.

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Legal Publishing and Workflow Automation

GreenPoint legal publishing offers superior research and subject-matter expertise to expand your organization’s capacity and propel projects forward. GreenPoint draws on a multishore team of legal researchers and content experts, with team members speaking multiple languages and covering numerous legal areas. A dedicated team lead manages each project to guarantee superior quality and on-time delivery, freeing your time to focus on your firm’s priorities. ... Read More

Abstracting and Indexing

GreenPoint’s abstractors bring native-level writing skills in multiple languages to produce concise summations of legal journal articles and reference works.

Tax Compliance and Rule Analysis

Our team performs regulatory research and legal compliance analysis and compiles reports on statutory and regulatory filing requirements.

Term Mapping, Database Updating, and Controlled Vocabulary Work

Our team leverages familiarity with multiple research databases to accurately apply controlled vocabulary across merged databases.

Database Building and Content Management

GreenPoint Law & Compliance’s world-class in-depth research and analysis on regulations and compliance obligations worldwide edge out our competitors in every aspect, providing our clients with a clear advantage. This gives GreenPoint the capability to construct and manage bespoke databases and search functionality to allow your organization to track and answer regulatory issues that impact your products or lines of business.

Legal Taxonomy Build Out and Record-Retention Database Upkeep

GreenPoint’s legal publishing team researches and curates international regulations, including the real-time monitoring of Dodd-Frank developments, FATCA regulations, and anti-money laundering and terrorism-deterrence requirements.

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Contract and Obligation Management

Contract and Obligation Management

GreenPoint’s comprehensive approach to contract management integrates seamlessly into your organization’s workflow....

Learn more.