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The needs of the industry evolve, and GreenPoint adjusts to meet them. With a team of software development experts, GreenPoint creates technology and forms partnerships to stay current, always sharing our progress with our valued partners.

GreenPoint Law & Compliance and Diligence Engine Join Forces to Upgrade Contract Management

New York—GreenPoint Law & Compliance has partnered with Diligence Engine to create a revolutionary method for contract management and document review. Their customized service combines GreenPoint’s legal expertise with Diligence Engine’s state-of-the-art technology to efficiently and cost-effectively perform document review.

In this innovative model, skilled attorneys use contract management software to review documents. Once filters and search terms have been designated, the software presents relevant information, from which the attorneys systematically cull and review pertinent material. GreenPoint’s legal team then refines and summarizes the results in an easily understood format. The upshot is a simplified system that benefits the client with faster turnaround, accurate results, and fewer hours billed.

GreenPoint’s contract management program is guaranteed secure. Clients maintain control of their documents and contracts while they are uploaded to the software, and they can delete their documents at any time. While tracking compliance, clients can access their documents as needed. At the process’s end, clients receive summary charts and highlighted annotated versions of original documents.

“GreenPoint’s technology-based contract management system brings the document review process into the 21st century,” said William H. Anderson, director of Commercial Development at GreenPoint Law & Compliance. “Our targeted searches draw on the best technology has to offer, and our reviewing attorneys add the indispensable human touch.”

GreenPoint Law & Compliance is a global legal information and services firm that simplifies and supports the business of law for clients. GreenPoint has a solid history of successful technology engagements that facilitated creation of a legal and compliance suite of information management services to streamline and reduce costs.

Diligence Engine is a Toronto-based company that uses machine learning to automate legal work. By combining experience in large-firm corporate law with computer science, engineering, and design, Diligence Engine executes its mission of simplifying corporate legal practice with the influence of modern computer science.

Diligence Engine