Regulatory and Risk Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence
Regulatory and Risk Intelligence

The regulatory environment is constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date with the myriad of regulations and compliance updates from a number of regulatory bodies is time consuming and often frustrating. GreenPoint Law & Compliance employs state-of-the-art technology that tracks, distills, and delivers customized feeds of regulatory content to large corporations, law firms, and financial institutions.

GreenPoint has aligned technology and in-house subject-matter experts to help your organization master the heavily regulated industries. In addition to these research capabilities, GreenPoint has dedicated relationships with content providers supplying comprehensive coverage in the areas of:

  • Financial services regulation
  • Risk management
  • Negative news search

GreenPoint Law & Compliance recently has entered into a strategic relationship with Reg-Room LLC as part of GreenPoint’s “Regulatory Intelligence” product portfolio with our Reg-Track™ offering. Reg-Track functions as a single-source database that tracks global regulatory changes, instantaneously updating companies with all recent relevant rules and regulations.

Reg-Track TM

Financial Services Regulatory Tracking Service—A unique product, Reg-Track is the only service that gives you a clear and concise summary of each rule on a daily basis. It allows the tracking of select rules using a range of criteria, including date, country, regulator, rule-type, product, entity-type, and firm function. Reg-Track allows you to set up a personal email alert that will be sent to you each morning to include only the rules you want to see.

The Reg-Track system ensures that regulatory compliance teams in financial, insurance, and other industries remain current on updates and changes. Its user-friendly interface, along with the accompanying customized email alerts it provides daily, facilitates corporate compliance and helps companies avoid onerous fines and sanctions. Reg-Track delivers a concise summary of each tracked regulatory development, and offers further information via links to the underlying rule or regulatory activity from the issuing regulator. ... Learn more

Regulatory Risk Report TM

This biweekly news summary of regulatory developments in the financial-services sectors allows you to focus on the updates most pertinent to your industry. The PDF-format report has a global focus and is delivered via email.

Nomino Negative News Service

Nomino is a ground-breaking search engine that provides professionals with a tool to access the latest Watch Lists, PEPs data, and Negative News when performing enhanced due diligence on persons or corporations. When our professionals capitalize on the combined strength of this technology and their expertise, they harness the provided access to millions of national and international sources and are able to accurately oversee the indexing of thousands of new pages every 24 hours. ... Learn more

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