Law and Compliance Software
Software Development

GreenPoint Law & Compliance offers customized technology solutions, creating new opportunities for efficiency and growth. Our technical staff is configured to create and deliver vetted solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

GreenPoint’s software development professionals produce necessary technology for best managing and executing all our clients’ projects. Our flexibility and expertise enable us to adapt and develop the necessary tools for innovative ways of addressing niche needs and new requirements, which has led us to win competitive projects and consistently achieve the desired results for our partners and clients.

The software-development team has created web applications, web tools, legal and publishing portals, and content-management systems. Our software is capable of performing a variety of complex tasks, from a tool for formatting selected text to portals for the transcription of audio files into readable Word documents, illustrating the advantage of employing a global outsourcing company with both legal and technology expertise.

GreenPoint’s IT Commitment

Software development is an integral feature of all GreenPoint service offerings. Our team develops customized software that integrates with and enhances your operating platform, presenting you with the optimal, most cost-effective solution—giving you the edge. GreenPoint’s development team brings significant expertise of more than a decade in building tailor-made enterprise-level software applications and product-development solutions for the publishing, legal, finance, online learning, and health-care industries.

Our skilled software professionals have successfully designed and built numerous architecture-based software solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies and design principles. Their intelligent use of appropriate tools guarantees a scalable and robust solution for each client’s unique portfolio. Operational competencies include program-management skills, multilanguage skills, multiple time-zone coverage, SLA-driven services, and third-party vendors.

GreenPoint Law & Compliance leverages a vast array of custom software development and related IT support services to facilitate and empower business processes within your organization. Our project experience spans several industries with our core competencies revolving around creating tailored solutions to enable our clients to use new products or to fill gaps in existing workflow. Our technology services have been successfully deployed in:

  • Commercial publishing (legal, financial, and risk)
  • Commercial banking services

Expertise and Experience

  • Web and stand-alone application development
  • Product development
  • Web services
  • Mobile App development
  • Application integration
  • Security
  • Legacy Project Migration
  • Manual Software Testing on Multiple Browsers and Devices
  • Business Intelligence Reporting and Ad-hoc Analytics
  • Web and PowerPoint Designing
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Production Support and Maintenance